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  Fluoro-Coat™ 200
Super Release Coating for Pressure Sensitive Stickies

Fluoro-Coat™ 200 Fluoro-Coat™ 200
Fluoro-Coat™ 200 Fluoro-Coat™ 200
Fluoro-Coat™ 200 Fluoro-Coat™ 200

Fluoro-Coat™ 200 is a field-applied spray-on coating with excellent release. Resulting from a two-year development effort, this product can be applied in less time than conventional roll coverings made with Teflon®. This coating is ideal for dryers and for rolls subject to mechanical damage. “Fluoro-Coat”™ 200 is a completely different chemistry. It is polymerized to release “stickies”, such as duct tape that sticks to DuPont’s Teflon® finishes. You have to see the release characteristics to believe it. Try the duct tape test!

“Fluoro-Coat”™ 200 Advantages:

  • Ideal for “stickies”
  • Ideal for dryers,steam boxes,press hoods, winder pans and nozzles
  • Able to be applied in the field or at Fluoron’s facility
  • Offers an alternative to doctoring dryers
  • Curable at ambient temperatures
  • Continuous service at 350ºF (176ºC)
  • Intermittent service at 450ºF (232ºC)

Fluoro-Coat™ 200 is also available as a heat shrinkable sleeve

Fluoro-Coat 200 spray-on coating can be ordered as FC200 Heat Shrinkable Tubing. Now that this coating is bonded to the roll by the HST’s retention rather than the coating itself, rolls with less than perfect surfaces can be remedied. Rolls that are pitted and corroded can now be restored to better than new and reap the benefits from this release coating.

FC200 HST enables all the benefits of (HST) including:

  • Installation without a Fluoron technician
  • Inventory of sleeves can be kept for quick fixes
  • Application to rolls with surfaces inappropriate for spraying
  • Custom manufactured to conform to proper sizes
  • Ideal for fly and paper carrying rolls
  • No Cure time required

Fluoro-Coat™ 200 Properties

Volume Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (0-100ºC) 9.3 x 10-1
Durometer Hardness Shore A Scale 25
Tensile Strength 250
Specific Gravity at 77ºF (25ºC) 1.04
Thermal Shock, 10 Cycles Pass
Continuous Service Temperature 350ºF (176ºC)
Intermittent Service Temperature 400ºF (204ºC)
Useful Temperature Range -67º to 392ºF (204ºC)
Brittle Point (Degrees) -70ºF (57ºC)
Thermal Conductivity, cal per (cm2) (sec) (ºC/cm) 0.495 x 10-3
Salt Water Excellent
Water Excellent
Color Gray
Fire Resistance Self Extinguishing

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