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Fluoro-Tac Web Cleaning Sleeves are an economical approach to clean moving substrates. For about the same cost as a conventional roller regrind, Fluoro-Tac Web Cleaning Sleeves is the ideal answer to making web cleaning affordable.

Fluoro-Tac is composed of a proprietary material which features a unique surface property that is capable of easily picking off surface dirt and contaminants from moving substrates, making it ideal for use as a web cleaning roll covering. This high temperature resistant material is soft enough to prevent scratching or marring of the moving substrate.

Fluoro-Tac can be installed in plant, using existing idler rollers, eliminating the need for spare rollers. The Fluoro-Tac Web Cleaning Sleeve utilizes compressed air to easily install over an existing idler roll, reducing the required machine space and the need to change web paths. Simply stretch one end of the sleeve over the end of your idler roll. Place the compressed air nozzle between the sleeve and the roller core. Use the generated air cushion to slide the sleeve on the rest of the way. Once the sleeve is on, wait about one hour before trimming, as the sleeve will tend to shrink, slightly after application.

Fluoro-Tac Web Cleaning Sleeves are available lengths cut to the desired size, or in rolls 10 meters long. These sleeves are stocked in a wide range of sizes, which are designed to fit the following idler roll diameters: 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”, 3.0”, 3.5”, 4.0”, 4.5”, 5.0” and 6.0”. Fluoro-Tac Web Cleaning Sleeves are also designed to fit metric roller sizes.

NOTE: When sizing Fluoro-Tac Web Cleaning Sleeves please add an additional 10% to the length of your roller, as the sleeves tend to contract linearly, once applied.

Fluoro-Tac is capable of continuous operation in temperatures up to 400ºF. It features excellent resistant to ozone, heat buildup, and compression set. Fluoro-Tac offers excellent resistant to Esters, Alcohols, and water and has good release properties. It has fair to good resistance to acids and oxygenated solvents such as ketones.

Fluoro-Tac is a soft durometer material that can be cleaned with water or IPA.

Fluoro-Tac are the most economical web cleaning roller coverings available. Fluoro-Tac Web Cleaning Sleeves have proven to be highly effective in many applications including printing, laminating, coating, slitting and more. Fluoro-Tac Web Cleaning Sleeves have been successful in replacing more expensive, bonded web cleaning roller coverings, without sacrificing performance.

Fluoro-Tac Web Cleaning Sleeve Specifications

NOTE: Diameters are for core sizes that are +/- .100” from the diameter indicated.





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