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What is "Fluoro-Coat" X-550?  This coating is made with PTFE resin and has as good a release as other coatings made with Teflon® and heat shrinkable tubing products. The "Fluoro-Coat"™ X-550 is sprayed on while the dryer is rotating slowly, then the steam is turned into the dryer and it is heated to maximum temperature.  It requires a minimum of 250º F to harden the coating. "Fluoro-Coat" X-550 has the release characteristics of Teflon® and is the result of a five-year development effort. X-550 can be applied to the dryer and cured on site and can be field applied in less time than conventional dryer sleeves made with Teflon® FEP. This coating is ideal for dryers, even those subject to mechanical damage from pike poles X-550 was developed to overcome the three major shortcomings of dryer covers made with Teflon® FEP:

  • The life of the dryer cover is dependent upon the adhesive bond of the cover to the dryer.  This bond deteriorates with time and deteriorates faster as temperature increases. X- 550 is good for continuous service up to 550ºF (288ºC).

  • When a dryer cover is cut or damaged with a pike pole, it needs to be replaced.  An X- 550 coating, when cut with a knife or pike pole, barely shows any damage and does not cause bond breakage leading to premature failure.

  • X-550 is durable enough to be applied as a coating, thereby having as much as 20-fold improvement in heat transfer as compared to a roll cover.

"Fluoro-Coat"™ X-550 Advantages:

  • Ideal for dryers
  • Less expensive than dryer covers
  • Withstands pike pole damage
  • Field applied and cured
  • Saves costly downtime
  • Not subject to build-up
  • Continuous service at 550ºF
  • Offers an alternative to doctoring
Field applied coating
Fluoro-Coat™ X-550 can also be used to prevent startch build-up on spray nozzles in the press section. Build-up on nozzles can cause imperfections in the sheet or even cause breaks after a large accumulation falls.

This coating is an alternative to doctoring and should not be applied to dryers that must be doctored.

*Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont used under license by Fluoron, Inc.

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