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Frank Chapman, fluoron, paper industry

Frank M. Chapman


Mr. Chapman is a pioneer in the Fluoropolymer Industry and in the development of fluoropolymer technologies and applications for the Pulp and Paper, Aerospace, and Chemical Industries.

Some of his major achievements are:

1957 - Developed automatic molding techniques and defined the shrinkage characteristics for molding TEFLON® TFE resins.

1958 - Studied and reported on the frictional properties of TFE resins and their reinforcement with inorganic additives.

1959 - Initiated the most comprehensive study on the physical properties of TEFLON® TFE that is still the standard text today.

1960 - Developed an isostatic molding process and made the first missile nose cones of TFE.

1964 - Engineered the first sealer that would make continuous seals of FEP as strong as the base film. Led the development of the process to manufacture and install on a paper mill dryer the first FEP heat shrinkable roll cover.

1965 - Pioneered techniques and successfully lined chemical processing vessels with fluoropolymers.

1967 - Made the first glass backed melt processable fluoropolymer sheet and linings.

1981 -  Pioneered in the development and application of wet sprayed ultra thick TFE and PFA coatings.

1996 - Coinventor of heat shrinkable Ultra High Melt Viscosity Polymers & Fluoro-Wear™ 102.

2012 - Coinventor - Covering of marine deck equipment with UHMW-PE.

2016 - Coinventor - Method of making heat shrinkable tubing in a continuous process.

He is the inventor or coinventor of eleven U.S. patents and a number of foreign patents. In 1979, he was elected Chairman of the Fluoropolymer Division of the SPI. Frank M. Chapman was born and raised on a small farm in Vermont and graduated from the University of Vermont in 1952 with a degree in Chemistry.

Following graduation, he joined DuPont and his first assignment was with TEFLON®. He left DuPont in 1966 to become General Manager of the Plastics Department of Plastics & Rubber Company in Los Angeles, followed by an assignment with Mather in Michigan as a Manufacturing Manager.

He was one of the founders of Fluorodynamics Inc. and Chapman Industries Inc., which were both subsequently sold to Carborundum. In 1980, he formed Chapman Associates Inc. a consulting company and is a founder and director of Fluoron Inc.

He lives in Elkton, Maryland with his wife, Helen. They have four children, twelve grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Frank M. Chapman is a member of The Plastic Pioneers, The Plastics Academy, and has been inducted into The Plastics Hall of Fame.

The Plastics Hall of Fame

Many are those who have made important contributions to the growth of the plastics industry to its current status as a major segment of the American economy. But among them, there is a small group of leaders whose contributions were so significant that without them, the industry would not be where it is today.

It is to honor these movers of the industry that The Plastics Hall of Fame was established in October 1972 by Modern Plastics Magazine in cooperation with the Society of the Plastics Industry. In 1988, The Plastics Hall of Fame is endorsed by the S.P.I. as well as the Society of Plastics Engineers, The Plastics Pioneers and the National Plastics Center and Museum.

Membership in The Plastics Hall of Fame is a very selective honor. It is bestowed by a Selection Committee upon those Americans who, in it's judgment, were primarily responsible for raising the field of plastics to one of the major industries in the United States. Election to The Plastics Hall of Fame is a crowning achievement of any life spent in the plastics industry. It is a distinct honor that sets its recipient apart from his peers. It is based strictly on accomplishment and is, therefore, within reach of anyone who wants to dedicate his or her life to the furtherance of our industry. The Plastics Hall of Fame thus stands as an aim to be aspired to by those entering the industry now and as a spur to those who have been working in it for some time.


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