Fluoro-Coat™ 200
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Fluoro-Coat”™ 200 is a completely different chemistry. It is polymerized to release “stickies”, such as duct tape that sticks to DuPont’s Teflon® finishes. You have to see the release characteristics to believe it. Try the duct tape test!   Protect yourself, your workforce and your product with Fluoro-Safe Shatter Resistant Light Bulb Covers.
Fluoro-Trac Traction Roller Sleeves are a non-scratching, non-marring, economical solution to web handling with light tensions. This rubber sleeve provides a unique tacky surface that will keep rolls turning and prevent them from marking or scratching substrates. Fluoro-Trac Sleeves are a perfect replacement for expensive tapes and roller wraps.   Fluoro-Flange Covers are used to prevent injury to personnel or damage to equipment in the event of a leak or spray-out of acids, caustics, chlorine, and other dangerous liquids at piping connections (such as flanges, valves, or expansion joints) found in chemical, pulp/paper and wastewater treatment plants.
Fluoro-Tac Web Cleaning Sleeves are an economical approach to clean moving substrates. For about the same cost as a conventional roller regrind, Fluoro-Tac Web Cleaning Sleeves are the ideal answer to making web cleaning affordable.   Gas Sampling Bags made from Teflon® FEP offer low permeability for gas sample analysis, extracting air samples from exhaust systems, monitoring air quality or calibrating instruments in the field.
Fluoro-Stat JS High Release, Conductive Rubber Roll Coverings offer excellent release properties, high conductivity, low volume resistivity, excellent wear resistance, and anti-static features making them ideal for applications processing delicate webs in need of static build up reduction. Common applications include winder cores, idler roll covers, mill roll core covers and more.  

Fluoro-Wear™ 307 white PTFE available as heat shrinkable tubing, tubing, and sheet.

Available .060", any length, any width

Fluoro-Stat™ 102 black anti-static PTFE available as heat shrinkable tubing, and sheet.

Available .060", any length, any width


Fluoro-Wear™ 402 UHMW-PE has a molecular weight of 3-6 million, as compared to pipe grade high-density polyethylene, with a molecular weight of 600,000. UHMW-PE is the toughest plastic known.

Available as heat shrinkable tubing, tubing, and sheet.

Fluoro-Shrink P is a flexible, flame retardant, heat shrinkable tube with a 2:1 radial shrink ratio. It is designed for a wide range of applications including insulation for electric & electronic devices; roll covers, and protective covering for parts.   Fluoro-Slide can be placed under heavy equipment allowing you to slide it across the floor with a small fraction of the effort! “Fluoro-Slide” has the lowest coefficient of static friction of any solid material (0.04). This coefficient is much lower than polyethylene, which ranges from 0.18 to 0.22.

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