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Fluoron is capable of resolving a broad range of problems. The latest example of this versatility is the prevention of build up on spray/starch nozzles.

Spray nozzles are in a precarious position within the press section, located above the batch. Backsplash often reaches the nozzle and causes a hard, thick build up to form on the nozzle and its pipe. The build up then falls back into the batch and creates a sheet-marking issue. If the build up falls onto the sheet, it can cause a sheet break.

Fluoron’s resourcefulness inspired the use of their FEP sleeves to solve this problem. A .020” thick FEP sleeve is shrunk in place over the pipe. Because of the non-stick characteristics of Teflon®, any splash that reaches the pipe now slides right off! Since the inception of this idea, Fluoron has installed FEP sleeves over spray nozzles and other coating area equipment at mills across the United States and Internationally.

Fluoron’s spray-on release products, Fluoro-Coat 200 and Fluoro-Coat X-550, have also been used to solve this problem. Both products have superior release characteristics, and therefore still provide the same non-stick characteristics of an FEP sleeve. The major advantage to Fluoron’s spray products is that they can be applied to complex shapes. Take a look at your pipes, nozzles, and framing… Could your machine benefit from Fluoron’s Fluoro-Coat products?

(Above): The foremost pipe is covered in a .020” thick FEP sleeve. Note the difference in build up between the FEP-covered pipe and the uncoated pipes.
(Above): A starch nozzle enjoying a lack of build up, all thanks to a quick application of Fluoro-Coat X-550.

*Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont used under license by Fluoron, Inc.

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