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Shrink-Tite™ Piling Sleeves

Shrink-Tite™ Piling Sleeves prevent the buildup of ice.

Tired of beat up pilings? Whether the problem is borers, ice adhesion, rust, or a battered appearance, Fluoron’s patented Shrink-Tite™ Piling Sleeves are the solution!

Fluoron’s Shrink-Tite™ Piling Sleeves are custom made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) – the world’s toughest plastic! UHMW-PE is an extremely longwearing material; it even outwears steel. Consider the advantages of covering your pilings with the world’s toughest plastic: Shrink-Tite™ Piling Sleeves can withstand the impact of any docking boat, inhibit ice adhesion and prevent corrosion and borers.

The utilization of heat-shrink technology is unique to Fluoron’s Shrink-Tite™ Piling Sleeves. The constructed sleeve slides over the top of the piling and is shrunk in place in just minutes. The result is a clean, smooth, attractive appearance from a sleeve that offers unparalleled protection!

For a detailed quote or for more information on Fluoron’s Shrink-Tite™ Piling Sleeves, contact us: (410) 392-0220.

Installation is fast and easy by highly knowledgeable, well trained and insured staff.

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