TEFLON® Release Coating
Spray on coating for pressure sensitive stickes
Printing Rolls
Web Cleaning Sleeves
BCS Roll Cleaning System

Ideal for Dryers, Even Felt or Vacuum Rolls

“Fluoron’s BCS Roll Cleaning System™” removes starch, size, coating and pitch build up as well as rust, hot melts and contaminants from recycled pulp.

Clean dryers mean fewer breaks, better temperature profiles, increased productivity and reduced steam and energy cost. Our system is faster and more effective than blasting with sand, soda ash, dry ice or any other grinding equipment, saving you down time and money. In most cases felts do not be removed and the cleaning can be completed in a single day.

  • Decrease Steam Consumption
  • Increase Machine Speed
  • Improve Temperature Profile
  • Reduce Wear on Dryer Fabrics
  • Reduce Sheet Defects & Breaks
Vacuum Rolls
Clean up to twelve rolls or dryers at once with the BCS Roll Cleaning System.

Grinder heads make quick work of removing years of hard, white scale on this dryer.


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