Anti-Static Conductive Roller Covers Made From Non Stick PTFE

HS-400 heat shrink non-stick PTFE roller covers are designed for dry area applications that have the potential to create a static charge. In positions where the sheet has a low moisture content, static electricity buildup and discharge is very likely with other types of fluoropolymer covers such as FEP heat shrinkable tubing. Static buildup can not only result in processing imperfections but can also lead to serious safety issues and incidents due to electrical discharge and arcing.

Fluoron engineers have overcome this issue by blending a conductive carbon with the base polymer. This produces a product that is completely static dissipative with an electrical resistance of 107- 109 ohms / in2.

In addition, these heat shrinkable sleeves provide excellent release having some of the lowest surface energy of any fluoropolymer and are reinforced for longer life, outlasting FEP heat shrinkable roller covers by over 400%!
HS-400 anti-static heat-shrinkable roller covers made from 100% conductive PTFE and are custom sized to each customer’s exact roll dimensions and designed for fast shrinking. Contact us today to see if they are a good fit for your industrial application.

Benefits of HS-400 Conductive Heat Shrinkable Roller Covers:

  • Eliminates Risk of Static Discharge Injuries
  • Custom sized for fast application
  • Handles to apply sleeve on to roll
  • Infinite Shelf Life
HS-400 Anti Static High Wear Non Stick Teflon Process Roller Cover

Thickness 0.06″
Color Black
Min Diameter 5.0″
Max Diameter None
Max Temperature 475°F
Seam Yes
Installation Method Heat Shrink
Adhesive Bonding Yes
Felt rolls
Canvas rolls
Banana Rolls
Bowed Rolls
Expander Rolls
Hitch Rolls
Spreader Rolls
Lead-in rolls

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