One area where Fluoron helps manufacturers is resurfacing felt rolls within the paper industry, which often experience corrosion issues and cause downstream issues in the manufacturing process including excessive felt wear and contamination issues. For Ohio Paperboard Co., several of their felt rolls were experiencing corrosion pockets all throughout the roller and it was our job to make sure that we provided a solution to remove the unwanted buildup and resurface the roller.

Sand Blasting the Roll

It is cost-beneficial for the company if the roller can be revived through dense cleaning and recoating the roll to make sure production is kept at a high standard.

Looking to remove that debris, Fluoron started by sand blasting the entirety of the roll, eliminating contamination and pockets full of grit. Working similarly to shaving hair off your face, the sandblaster moves up and down the roll while making sure to remove all the possible fragments that would cause adhesion issues for the filler.

Filling the Roller

Once the felt roll has been grit blasted, our team apply’s a layer of Fluor-Guard ceramic filler to refurbish the roll and allow the coat to provide protection from future damages that could happen within the paper industry.

Making sure that the resin does not have any bubbles or drip lines, the team rotates the roll while applying the filler.

Once the roll is filled, the roll continues to make sure that the liquid is fully hardened before moving on to the final stage in applying the BCS roller cleaning process to provide a smooth final finish.

The BCS Cleaning Process

The staple of Fluoron and one of the vital components of this project is the BCS cleaning process, which improves the surface characteristic of these rolls after they are filled.

We pride ourselves on the world’s fastest elimination of buildup through the quick removal process. For this project, the team used the technology to apply the cleaning to the roll and give it a high quality polish. Any surface defects that appeared throughout the earlier application process were removed during the usage of the machine and the longevity of the felt roll was restored through the careful merge of the resin with the overall cleaning process.

The final product shows a gray, polished resurfaced roller that minimizes felt wear and downstream contamination.

To quickly check to see how our BCS cleaning service can fit in your tight production window, and improve your machine performance contact us today and see how we can get you running clean tomorrow!

The Fluoron Approach

With over five decades of experience behind us, Fluoron, Inc. is proud to offer products and services that help our customers in the pulp and paper, converting, baking, laminating, converting, and many other industries keep their equipment operating at peak efficiency. In addition to heat-shrinkable roll covers, we offer several sophisticated solutions like roll cleaning services, wear-resistant spray-on coatings and much more. We can also create custom fits for each roll based on the specific dimensions you provide us or the unique application you’re working with.

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