HS-300 High Heat Non Stick Teflon Roller CoverHS-300™ series non-stick roll covers are designed from a synthetic polymer Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a reinforced material with ten times the abrasion resistance of HS-100™ series FEP roll covers. Therefore, these covers are ideal for hard operating environments where abrasion is concerned.

Ink solids building up on rubber rolls in the de-inking process can be handled easier with the help of a HS-300™ cover. These roll covers can address problems facing mills that utilize recycled newsprint. When the product was introduced 10 years ago, the original wear testing indicated four times greater abrasion resistance than unreinforced FEP. Recent thickness measurements taken on a roll cover in service indicate our roll covers are lasting more than 10 times as long as roll covers made from FEP.

The HS-300™ has greater strength at higher temperatures. Fluoron’s suggested service limit is 400 F (204 C). However, one bowed roll cover operating at the end of an infrared oven may see temperature excursions to 500  – 550 F (260 C – 287 C) for short periods and has not damaged the roll cover.

Applications: Because of the excellent wear resistance, our roll covers are outstanding at relieving build up on felt carrying rolls. Other roll cover applications are high wear bowed rolls, de-inking rolls, lead in/lead out rolls, and polyethylene extrusion lamination back up rolls.

• 10 Times Longer Life Than FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)

• Improved Product Quality

• Eliminates Sticking and Picking

• Increases Production

• Restores Roll Surface to Better Than New

• Mill Site Installations

High Heat Non Stick Roller Cover

Nip rolls
Lamination Rolls
Extrusion Rolls
Compression Rolls

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