Custom Heat Shrinkable Non-Stick Roll Covers For Manufacturing

Protect your Rollers and Your Production

Fluoron’s HS Series line of custom fabricated heat-shrinkable Fluoropolymer roller covers provides a non-stick surface to eliminate process buildup such as glues, gums, starch, and scale while preventing corrosion and extending roller service life in manufacturing facilities. Constant rubber roller repair and resurfacing is no longer a viable option when you see the cost benefit of custom non-stick covers that solve your build-up problems, protect your rollers longer, and significantly reduces downtime. Money saved is money earned.

A Custom Solution for Each Application: Each HS (heat-shrinkable) roller cover is custom fabricated out of virgin grade fluoropolymer resin to the exact specifications of each process roller to reduce cost and ensure proper fit and bonding. During the manufacturing process, Fluoron technicians expand each heat-shrinkable roller cover using a unique temperature and pressure expansion process. The cover can then be installed at our facility or shipped to the customer site and easily shrunk down on the process roller with a torch or heat gun.

A Lasting Bond: For applications with friction or compression, Fluoron will etch the interior of the fluoropolymer tube to allow for strong mechanical bonding of a supplied adhesive that helps further lock the sleeve in place and prevent slipping on the roller.

Hassle Free Installations: Fluoron’s HS heat-shrinkable roll covers are easy to install with minimum equipment required. Fluoron-certified technicians can install HS covers at our manufacturing facility in Elkton, Maryland or we can travel to your location to provide the installation service. We also offer a Fluoron training certification program for repeat customers who desire to perform installations themselves in the future. Training can be performed at our facility or yours.

We Can Help You Select the Right Heat Shrinkable Sleeve for Your Application

FEP Non Stick Teflon Roller CoverHS- 100 FEP ROLLER COVERS
HS-100 is Fluoron’s heat-shrinkable non-stick roll cover made from fluorinated
ethylene propylene (FEP) to resolve process issues related to sticking, buildup, and corrosion. HS-100 covers are popular due to their low cost, easy installation, and
outstanding non-stick properties. HS-100 heat shrinkable tubing meets FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 standards and is safe for food contact and medical applications.

High Temperature Non Stick Teflon Process Roller SleevesHS-200 PFA ROLLER COVERS
HS-200 series heat shrinkable non-stick roller covers are engineered from virgin Perfluoroalkoxy alkanes (PFA) fluoropolymer resin. PFA has higher temperature stability and improved flexural modulus compared to FEP material and therefore is Fluoron’s heat-shrinkable cover for rubber nip rollers and other high temperature or high compression applications.

HS-300 series non-stick roll covers are designed from a synthetic polymer Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a reinforced material with ten times the abrasion resistance of HS 100 series FEP roll covers. Therefore, these covers are ideal for hard operating environments where abrasion is concerned.

HS-400 Anti Static High Wear Non Stick Teflon Process Roller Cover
HS-400 series anti-static non-stick roll covers are also designed from PTFE but engineered with graphite additives to enhance the material’s conductive properties. This allows end-users to have a completely conductive roll cover that will not cause static discharge while providing a long-lasting, high wear, non-stick surface.

At Fluoron, we pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, rapid response times, and best-in-class customer service. Contact us today to request a quote or speak with one of our technical specialists about your particular roll surface and release needs. We look forward to becoming a strategic partner with your organization to help optimize your process, improve safety and product quality, and reduce production downtime.