non stick teflon roll covers

On-Machine Seaming Technology™

Fluoron’s On Machine Seaming (OMS) technology allows for our certified technicians to apply our FEP sleeves on-site without the need to remove the roll from the machine significantly reducing downtime.

To apply our OMS technology, the roll is first cleaned to provide a good surface for bonding. The heat shrinkable film is then applied around the roll and the seam is sealed, Adhesive bonding material is injected underneath the sleeve and then heat is applied to shrink the sleeve to the roll surface. Our seaming technology provides a bond stronger than the FEP itself, ensuring a long lasting high release product.

Thickness 0.020″
Color Clear
Min Diameter None
Max Diameter None
Max Temperature 375°F
Seam Yes
Installation Method Heat Shrink
Adhesive Bonding Yes