a nonscratching, non-marring, economical solution to web handling with light tensions.

Fluoro-Trac Traction Roller Sleeves are a non scratching, non-marring, economical solution to web handling with light tensions. This proprietary rubber sleeve provides a unique tacky surface that will keep rolls turning and prevent them from marking or scratching substrates. Fluoro-Trac Traction Roller Sleeves are the perfect replacement for expensive tapes and roller wraps and won’t shed particles like many of the cork tapes available.

These Roller Sleeves are easy to apply on-site as they easily slide over existing idler rolls using compressed air. There is no need for heat guns or messy adhesives.

As a proprietary silicone based compound, Fluoro-Trac Traction Roller Sleeves feature excellent release properties, good chemical resistance, and high continuous operating temperatures of 400ºF.

Sleeves are 2mm thick, available in roll lengths up to 400”, and can easily be cut to length. Sleeves are designed to fit a wide range of idler roll sizes, including

1.0”, 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”, 3.0”, 3.5”, 4.0”, 5.0”, or 6.0” diameter.


On-Machine Seaming

On-site custom FEP sleeve installations

Fluoron’s On Machine Seaming (OMS) technology allows for our certified technicians to apply our FEP sleeves on-site without the need to remove the roll from the machine significantly reducing downtime.

To apply our OMS technology, the roll is first cleaned to provide a good surface for bonding. The heat shrinkable film is then applied around the roll and the seam is sealed, Adhesive bonding material is 

injected underneath the sleeve and then heat is applied to shrink the sleeve to the roll surface. Our 

seaming technology provides a bond stronger than the FEP itself, ensuring a long lasting high release product.


Rope Savers

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Rope grooves that are too deep cause a speed difference between the ropes and the surface speed 

of the dryer, causing sheet breaks during threading and slack buildup. This problem is easily corrected by building up the diameter of the rope groove to the optimum level, with “Copley Rope Savers”.™

In a dryer section following a size press or coater, the coating can splash and build-up on the rope sheaves and groove in the nearest dryers. This build-up causes rope wear. Again, the release proper- ties of Teflon® prevent build up.

Chatter marks and roughness in a dryer rope groove causes rapid rope wear and is easily eliminated with the safe and easy installation of Copley Rope Savers. 

In order to prevent premature rope failure and to minimize threading time, it is essential that all rope grooves have the same diameter. Differing diameters result in severe wear on the ropes due to slippage, as well as tail breaks and excessive slack buildup. This problem is easily corrected by building up the diameter of the rope groove with Copley Rope Savers.


Lamp Protection

FEP shatter resistant covers for UV and fluorescent lights.

As specialists not only in the extrusion of FEP, but also in the techniques of manipulating the material by welding and forming, Fluoron is able to offer solutions that protect virtually any type of lighting. In addition Fluoron’s in-house covering process offers speedy and efficient coverings to standard UV and fluorescent lamps.