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Fluoro-Coat™ coating is a Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based non-stick fluoropolymer coating. It is spray applied by our certified technicians and then cured at a minimum of 250ºF to harden the coating and provides excellent release and chemical resistance characteristics.

Dreamcoat™  is a non-stick coating that combines the wear resistance of tungsten carbide with the release, chemical, and corrosion-resistant properties of DreamCoat 100 PTFE fluoropolymer. Unlike traditional spray-on coating solutions, Armor-Coat™ technology embeds the PTFE release coating within a protective matrix of tungsten carbide. This enables a unique combination of extended wear life, enhanced corrosion resistance, and improved release properties.

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Unique Nonstick Solutions

Commercial Fluoropolymer Coatings

Fluoron's range of Non-Stick release coatings offer optimal solutions for parts of varying shapes and sizes that are plagued by adhesive accumulation or are at risk of corrosion. Our non-stick coatings boast chemical resistance and can be applied to a multitude of materials, providing effective solutions for pressure-sensitive adhesives, gums, glues, starch, and other forms of buildup. In addition, for applications that are subjected to high levels of wear, we offer reinforced coatings that enhance the non-stick properties even in the most challenging operating environments. These coatings provide numerous benefits in the manufacturing industry, including improved product release, reduced maintenance and cleaning requirements, and extended equipment life.