Fluoropolymer nonstick Sleeves

Long-Lasting Nonstick Heat Shrink Covers for Increased Efficiency in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Uncover the power of Fluoron’s superior non-stick heat shrinkable fluoropolymer covers, a breakthrough solution for the pulp and paper industry. These covers boast unrivaled anti-adhesive properties, tirelessly addressing the notorious issue of sticking and accumulation on rollers, hence guaranteeing seamless operations and minimizing unscheduled stoppages. By significantly reducing paper breaks, they ensure continuous, smooth production runs. Tailored specifically for those managing manufacturing operations, our fluoropolymer covers empower your workflow with increased efficiency, diminishing the risk of unexpected production halts and machinery-related issues. Opting for Fluoron is a strategic investment in innovative technology that protects your equipment, bolsters productivity, and ensures your operational goals are met with consistency. Propel your standing in the fiercely competitive pulp and paper industry with Fluoron – the trusted name for unrivaled performance and dependability.

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Why Fluoron?

With decades of expertise in nonstick Fluoropolymers for the pulp and paper sector, Fluoron boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience, working with largest paper manufacturers in the world. Our legacy dates back to 1957, developing automatic molding techniques and defining the shrinkage characteristics for molding Teflon® TFE resins.  In 1964 one of our founders revolutionized the industry by inventing a method to weld Teflon®, leading to the creation of the world’s first heat-shrinkable FEP Fluoropolymer tube. This innovation has set the standard in the industry, solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner for thousands of companies worldwide. Our rich history and unparalleled track record make Fluoron a reliable choice for industry-leading solutions.

Frank chapman installing a teflon sleeve at paper factory

Boost Efficiency with Large-Diameter Shrinkable Sleeves

Employing large diameter heat shrinkable sleeves on rollers within paper factories brings a multitude of advantages that significantly enhance operational efficiency and machinery longevity. Firstly, these sleeves offer an extraordinary level of protection for your rollers, shielding them from wear and tear, corrosive chemicals, and abrasive materials commonly encountered in the pulp and paper industry. By preventing direct contact between your rollers and these harmful elements, shrinkable sleeves prolong the lifespan of your machinery, reducing maintenance costs and frequency of replacements. They also ensure a smoother running operation by eliminating the buildup of residue on the rollers, which is a common cause of downtime and production inefficiency.heat shrink a teflon sleeve on a large paper roller

Secondly, large diameter heat shrinkable sleeves are renowned for their contribution to improved product quality and reduction in paper breaks. The non-stick surface of these sleeves reduces the likelihood of paper adhesion to the rollers, a common issue that often results in paper breaks and wastage. This, in turn, contributes to more consistent paper output and less rejected product, maximizing your factory’s yield and overall productivity. Additionally, the heat shrinkable nature of these sleeves ensures a tight, consistent fit around rollers of any diameter, reducing potential slips or misalignments and further enhancing machine performance. With these benefits, large diameter heat shrinkable sleeves represent a critical investment for paper factories seeking to optimize their operations and output.

Optimizing Paper Production: Key Rollers Benefiting from Nonstick Heat Shrink Sleeves

Roller Type Description
Press Rollers These are used in the press section of a paper machine, where water is removed from the paper by pressing it between two rollers. Nonstick heat shrink sleeves can prevent buildup of paper pulp and fiber on these rollers, improving efficiency and reducing maintenance.
Wire Rollers Found in the forming section, wire rollers help to form the paper sheet. Nonstick sleeves can minimize residue from the pulp mixture, ensuring smoother operation and better paper quality.
Drying Rollers These rollers remove remaining water from the paper by heating it. Nonstick sleeves can prevent steam and paper residue from sticking to these rollers, ensuring even heating and drying.
Calender Rollers Calender rollers are used to finish the paper, smoothing and adding gloss to it. Nonstick sleeves on these rollers prevent buildup that could otherwise mar the paper’s finish.
Coating Rollers These rollers apply a coat of specialty chemicals to the paper to give it specific properties. Nonstick sleeves prevent the coat from sticking to the rollers, ensuring an even, quality application.
Reel Rollers At the end of the paper machine, reel rollers wind the paper onto large spools. Nonstick sleeves on these rollers can prevent the paper from sticking and tearing, ensuring a smooth and uniform reel.
Felt Rollers Felt rollers move the felt that carries the paper through the machine. Nonstick sleeves can prevent fiber and pulp from sticking to these rollers, reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance.
Breast Rollers Positioned at the beginning of the paper machine, these rollers control the tension of the wire. Nonstick sleeves help ensure smooth operation by preventing buildup of pulp and other residues.
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