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Drone fluoropolymers

PTFE and FEP Plastics: Unveiling the Power of RF and IR Transparency in Military and Aerospace Applications

A comprehensive guide to understanding the unique advantages of PTFE and FEP plastics in cutting-edge military and aerospace technologies Introduction In the high-stakes and ever-evolving world of military and aerospace engineering, the race for superior performance is relentless. From advanced radar systems to cutting-edge stealth technology, the materials used play a critical role in achieving […]
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Teflon on SpaceX Rockets

The Applications of Fluoropolymers for Aerospace Projects

Fluoropolymers, also known as fluoroplastics, are a type of polymer with unique properties and benefits, making them the appropriate choice for many applications in the aerospace sector. These low friction plastics are produced as films, sheets, tubing, coatings, sleeves,  jackets, or custom welded solutions.  Applications for fluoropolymers in the aerospace industry include:  Decades of Working […]
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Radio Transmissibility with Fluoropolymers

Fluoropolymers have become increasingly popular in the aerospace and defense industries due to their unique combination of properties, including high thermal stability, chemical resistance, and excellent electrical properties. One application where the benefits of fluoropolymers are particularly evident is in the protection of radio antennas and sonar devices. In this article, we will explore the […]
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The Four Benefits of High-Purity Fluoropolymers

Fluoropolymers, renowned for their inert, nonstick, hydrophobic, and anti-corrosive properties, have seemingly limitless applications. They can coat nonstick rollers in the printing industry, line water and chemical tanks for transportation and storage, line cooking pans, cover the surface of both airplane wings and medical instruments, insulate cables and electrical wiring, and perform a number of […]
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Fluoropolymers on Mars Rover

Fluoropolymers In Aerospace

Fluoron™ Advanced Surface Solutions couples the extraordinary material characteristics of Fluoropolymers with our patented capabilities in plastic welding and the manufacturing, coating, and bonding of large diameter heat shrinkable tubing. Our custom fluoropolymers offer the necessary resistance and durability to withstand the intense pressures and environmental conditions bearing down on spacecraft, allowing them to survive […]
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anti static carbon infused fluoropolymers

Fluorostat – Carbon Reinforced PTFE 

Fluoropolymers are polymers (plastics) whose chemical structures are made of carbon and fluorine bonds. These bonds allow for high performing mechanical and chemical properties. The qualities for fluoropolymers include but are not limited to enhanced tensile strength, abrasion resistance, flame retardance, low friction, corrosion resistance and more. Their vast range of truly unique properties allow […]
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Fluoropolymer nonstick Sleeves

FEP Fluoroclear

Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) is a fluoropolymer that is made of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene. Compared to PTFE and PFA, FEP is the most inexpensive of the three fluoropolymers. FEP exhibits similar properties to the others but is most easily formable of the group. Fluoron’s product, Fluoroclear is an FEP based cover that allows for application […]
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Large Diameter Teflon Wrap

Large Diameter Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat-shrink tubing, commonly known as heat-shrink, is a polymer based tubing that is often used to seal, insulate, and protect wires and cables. As denoted by the name, heat-shrink tubing is designed to contract when an external heating source is applied to it, thus adhering to the cables and wires to which it is wrapped […]
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