The Four Benefits of High-Purity Fluoropolymers

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Fluoropolymers, renowned for their inert, nonstick, hydrophobic, and anti-corrosive properties, have seemingly limitless applications. They can coat nonstick rollers in the printing industry, line water and chemical tanks for transportation and storage, line cooking pans, cover the surface of both airplane wings and medical instruments, insulate cables and electrical wiring, and perform a number of other functions across industries.

Fluoron’s fluoropolymer products range widely, and the chief common thread among them is purity. A high quality standard and pure, or “virgin” ingredients, mean that the material will behave as designed, without warping or corroding, even under extreme conditions in which the margin for error is zero. In addition, Fluoron’s capability to etch and weld these fluoropolymer shapes means that we tailor our products to your needs, offering custom solutions with ideal quality and reliability.

The Negative Consequences Of Impure Fluoropolymer Materials

PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) is a flexible fluoropolymer that is used for tubing and anti-corrosive chemical transportation. We at Fluoron can produce not only small-diameter tubing, but custom and large-diameter tubing to accommodate a variety of chemical processing needs. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is another type of durable fluoropolymer, used more for its nonstick, hydrophobic, temperature-resistant properties. If either type of fluoropolymer material is made from impure or contaminated materials, potential risks and costs are introduced that could have a dire impact on functionality and even lives. While lower in initial cost, a reduction in material purity means increased risk of failure.

If a fluoropolymer fails when lining a hazardous chemical storage tank, the subsequent corrosion and leakage could have detrimental impacts to the environment around the incident. Similarly, if the fluoropolymer nose cone on a spacecraft were not pure, it would not vaporize evenly or at all, risking both the rocket’s trajectory and payload, and possibly even human lives. If fluoropolymer wire coatings do not maintain their level of protection, then wiring in a building, aircraft, or other setting could overheat and start a fire.


The Benefits Of Pure Fluoropolymer Ingredients

Fluoropolymer purity can be achieved with the most virgin materials, meaning that there are no additives, unintentional particles, or recycled ingredients. Fluoron’s commitment to highest quality means that we obtain PFA and PTFE ingredients from the same trusted suppliers, and that our products are made under the guidance of a stringent quality control process. These high-purity fluoropolymers can:

  1. Promote chemical resistance – In the case of pipelines and chemical transportation, purity in fluoropolymers means that anything typically corrosive will not eat its way through the lining. However, when other impure materials are used, they may react with the corrosive liquid and oxidize, introducing holes and wear in the side of the pipes. This is applicable on a smaller scale in aircraft fluid handling, when fuel, water, and waste must be both transported and stored frequently. When pure fluoropolymers are used, lives are protected and unnecessary maintenance costs are prevented.
  2. Optimize thermal capabilities – When a surface must withstand extreme high and low temperatures, such as in aerospace flight applications, the purest fluoropolymers allow for the most extreme thermal protection. At its lowest and highest limits, for example, the temperature resistance of PTFE can range from -300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. Pure fluoropolymers are also not disrupted by UV light and weather conditions, making them optimal for outdoor applications.
  3. Increase longevity – Purity increases the lifespan of your products, resulting in less cost to maintain or replace them. In the case of coating the high-touch areas of medical complexes, an increased lifespan means that the fluoropolymer will repel water, mess, and germs for as long as possible. When applied to aircraft wings for de-icing properties, the longer the coating functions, the more efficiently an airline can run in colder climates. Longevity in fluoropolymers means that the parts will function as intended for the maximum amount of time, providing a return on your investment and lowering the costs of ongoing maintenance.
  4. Enhance overall performance and safety – High purity also means that the fluoropolymer components your business uses will function at their prime. When you expect reliability and consistency, pure materials will always provide the same experience and results. Pure materials also promote processing safety, as pure fluoropolymers can be used in food and drink applications, as well as other areas where safe human contact is needed without transferring substances.

In Summary

Choosing a fluoropolymer provider whose products are made from the highest purity and quality benefits the life and outcome of your project. Contact Fluoron today to learn more about our purity standards, as well as the custom shapes and products that we can help to develop specific to your industry’s unique needs.

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