The Future of Nonstick Coating: Fluoron’s Dreamcoat Extreme Release Coating

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In the ever-evolving world of coatings, traditional materials like Teflon have long been the industry standard for nonstick applications. However, as industry demands shift toward more specialized and resilient coatings, Fluoron Inc. introduces a groundbreaking product—Dreamcoat Extreme Release Coating. With 40x better release capabilities compared to Teflon, this revolutionary product is taking the market by storm.

What Sets Dreamcoat Apart

Unparalleled Wear Resistance and Release Properties

Dreamcoat Extreme Release Coating blends the durability of a tungsten carbide surface with Fluoron’s proprietary extreme release coating technology. Unlike conventional roll covers or coatings, Dreamcoat embeds this unique release coating within a matrix of tungsten carbide. This enables it to provide unmatched release qualities even under the most aggressive conditions, such as doctored dryer cylinders.

Ambient Temperature Curing

One of the most striking features of Dreamcoat is its ability to cure at ambient temperatures. This dramatically shortens curing duration and widens the scope of potential applications, thereby saving both time and energy.

The Dreamcoat Installation Process

Step 1: Surface Preparation

The roll surface is initially prepared using vacuum grit blasting equipment to create a clean, ideal surface for the subsequent layers.

Step 2: Tungsten Carbide Application

An 80-micron layer of tungsten carbide is applied to the roll surface using High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) flame spray equipment.

Step 3: Extreme Release Coating

Finally, Fluoron’s proprietary Extreme Release coating is applied, completing the transformation into a high-release surface.

Ideal Applications

The extreme release capabilities and wear resistance make Dreamcoat ideal for several specialized applications such as:

  • Felt rolls
  • Paper carrying rolls
  • Dryer cans in recycled paper applications dealing with buildup or stickies

A Product of Rigorous Research and Development

Dreamcoat Extreme Release Coating is the result of over three years of intensive R&D at Fluoron. In order to test its capabilities, sample coupons are prepared and subjected to 4000 cycles of 300 lbs/in² force. This testing regimen simulates conditions such as aggressive doctor blade operation and adhesive stickies adhesion, proving Dreamcoat’s superiority in real-world conditions.

In Summary

The introduction of Dreamcoat Extreme Release Coating has set a new bar in the coatings industry. With its 40x better release capabilities, shorter curing time, and an array of specialized applications, it is quickly becoming the go-to option for businesses looking for the best in nonstick technology.

Fluoron Inc. provides all three steps of the application process for rolls of any diameter or length, making it easier than ever to transition to this game-changing technology. So, why settle for traditional options when Dreamcoat offers superior performance in every aspect? Say hello to the future of nonstick coatings with Dreamcoat Extreme Release Coating.

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