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Non Stick Heat Shrinkable Teflon Roller Covers


Fluoron’s line of custom heat-shrinkable non-stick roller covers are fabricated from virgin fluoropolymer resins (PTFE, FEP, PFA) to provide a long-lasting, non-stick surface for many process applications. Fluoron heat-shrinkable roll covers are inert, chemical resistant, and FDA approved for the medical and food industries. Our covers solve a major buildup problem plaguing many industries using bowed/banana rolls, paper rolls, nip rolls, etc.  Our covers can be custom manufactured to fit any roller size, starting at 2.25″ in / 57.15 mm in diameter.  Click the button below to find out which roll cover option best suits your specific application, whether for high heat, high static, or high wear environments. Click here to try our simulator by shrinking your own sleeve.

Roller Covers
non stick teflon spray coatings


Our custom heat-shrinkable non-stick Teflon roller covers are engineered for excellent release, they’re inert and resistant to chemicals and have a long wear life. They’re even FDA-approved for the medical and food industries.  Click the button to find out which option best suits your specific needs.

Roller Covers
non stick spray coatings


Fluoron’s line of Non-Stick release coatings are ideal for parts of any shape and size that are troubled with adhesive buildup or are prone to corrosion. Our non-stick coatings are chemical resistant and can be applied to various materials, and offer solutions for pressure-sensitive adhesives, gums, glues, starch, and other types of buildup. For high wear applications, we offer reinforced coatings to extend the non-stick properties even under the harshest operating conditions

Non stick teflon spray coatings
pulp and paper dryer can cleaning service


Radiant Cleaning Systems is the world’s fastest roller cleaning service for dryer cans, felt rolls and vacuum rolls. Many rollers can be cleaned during a short outage window resulting in less downtime while reducing the cost to provide a polished roller surface to reduce sheet breaks, improve temperature profiles, lower utility costs and improve felt life.

Roller Cleaning

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