How Fluoron’s Teflon® Sleeves Revolutionized WestRock’s Huggies Box Printing

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Fluoron’s Solution to WestRock’s Caking Dilemma: A Case Study

Fluoron Inc. takes pride in its innovative solutions to address real-world challenges faced by industries around the globe. This is a story of how our heat shrink sleeves became the savior for one of the world’s leading providers of corrugated packaging solutions – WestRock Company.

Understanding WestRock’s Legacy and Challenge

WestRock has solidified its position as a leading player in the corrugated packaging solutions sector, catering to a myriad of industries with an expansive global footprint. They are renowned for their corrugated boxes, folding cartons, displays, and state-of-the-art packaging machinery.

Yet, even giants face operational hiccups. Sean Dalson, a seasoned Production Supervisor at WestRock’s facility in sunny Florida, encountered a persistent caking issue on a printing line dedicated to high-end outer-liners of corrugated boxes. The root of the problem? Tacky hot ink that would adhere to the rollers, leading to frequent and costly production halts.

The financial ramifications of these shutdowns were staggering. Sean’s estimate put the losses at a hefty $25,000 annually. For a company operating at the scale of WestRock, efficient solutions are not just preferred – they’re imperative.

The Trial-and-Error Phase

The team’s initial approach was straightforward. Opt for a cost-effective remedy and hope for the best. They tried traction tape, which while being a temporary fix, added another layer of problems. The tape eventually became part of the caked buildup, further complicating the cleaning process.

Sean’s frustration led him to a game-changing decision: collaborating with Fluoron Inc.

Fluoron’s Non-Stick Heat Shrink Sleeve to the Rescue

Upon consultation with our expert, Chris, WestRock decided to test Fluoron’s heat shrink sleeve. The result? Within two months, the caking problem that plagued WestRock for years was completely eradicated.

Here’s a firsthand account from Sean:

“We spoke to Chris, trialed Fluoron’s heat shrink sleeve, and two months later our problem was entirely solved. The traction tape was a fair stopgap, but required purchase and reapplication every month. We have had the Fluoron sleeve for a year and a half with zero issues.”

Why Fluoropolymers?

Fluoropolymers, with their non-stick properties, are the definitive answer to issues like buildup and caking. At Fluoron, we specialize in offering heat shrink sleeves and other fluoropolymer coatings tailor-made to counteract these challenges.

Conclusion: Borrow Lessons from Success Stories

Every industrial challenge is an opportunity for innovation. WestRock’s journey from recurring operational setbacks to a seamless printing process stands as a testament to this. If you’re grappling with caking and buildup issues, perhaps it’s time to follow in WestRock’s footsteps and consider Fluoron’s proven solutions.

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