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Advanced Surface Solutions

Dryer cylinder maintenance

The Gold Standard in Dryer Cylinder Maintenance for North American Paper Mills

The Pinnacle of Dryer Cylinder Care: Unveiling Fluoron’s Cleaning Service In the vibrant world of the pulp and paper industry, maintaining machinery is at the heart of optimal production. For paper factories, especially in North America, the dryer section is a pivotal component. As maintenance managers, plant managers, and key decision-makers know, the health of […]
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How Fluoron’s Teflon® Sleeves Revolutionized WestRock’s Huggies Box Printing

Fluoron’s Solution to WestRock’s Caking Dilemma: A Case Study Fluoron Inc. takes pride in its innovative solutions to address real-world challenges faced by industries around the globe. This is a story of how our heat shrink sleeves became the savior for one of the world’s leading providers of corrugated packaging solutions – WestRock Company. Understanding […]
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The Future of Nonstick Coating: Fluoron’s Dreamcoat Extreme Release Coating

Introduction In the ever-evolving world of coatings, traditional materials like Teflon have long been the industry standard for nonstick applications. However, as industry demands shift toward more specialized and resilient coatings, Fluoron Inc. introduces a groundbreaking product—Dreamcoat Extreme Release Coating. With 40x better release capabilities compared to Teflon, this revolutionary product is taking the market […]
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printing and lamination machine

Unlocking Printing Efficiency: The Non-Stick Magic of Heat Shrinkable Fluoropolymer Covers

If there’s one universal truth about the printing and lamination industry, it’s that innovation never stops. The demand for better, more efficient, and cleaner operations is ceaseless. That’s where Fluoron’s heat shrinkable fluoropolymer covers come into play. They’re a genuine game-changer, combining the wonders of cutting-edge material science with practical, real-world applications. Picture this as […]
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Paper Manufacturing

The Nonstick Revolution: PTFE, PFA, and FEP Heat Shrinkable Fluoropolymers Transforming the Pulp and Paper Industry

Unveiling the game-changing nonstick properties of heat shrinkable fluoropolymers and their incredible impact on cost savings and efficiency in the pulp and paper sector Introduction In the ever-evolving world of the pulp and paper industry, the search for innovative materials that enhance production efficiency and product quality is constant. Among the plethora of advanced materials, […]
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