Fluoropolymers In Aerospace

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Fluoron™ Advanced Surface Solutions couples the extraordinary material characteristics of Fluoropolymers with our patented capabilities in plastic welding and the manufacturing, coating, and bonding of large diameter heat shrinkable tubing. Our custom fluoropolymers offer the necessary resistance and durability to withstand the intense pressures and environmental conditions bearing down on spacecraft, allowing them to survive long journeys through space.

Why Fluoron™ Custom Fluoropolymers?

Due to their unique physical properties, Fluoropolymer plastic materials are able to withstand extreme operating environments without embrittlement, fusion, leaching, or other degradation. Our extra-virgin fluoropolymer materials provide a contaminate-free solution in endless applications from water tank lining, to insulation containment. Fluoron™ has over 50 years of experience providing custom Fluoropolymer solutions to the Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial Manufacturing sectors.

Extreme Temperature and Pressure

Fluoropolymers offer advanced protection against extreme weather and environments, including rain, hail, wind, humidity, UV light and extreme temperatures.

Superior thermal control, up to 260 °C (500 °F)

Efficient Custom Solutions

With over 50 years of experience providing custom Fluoropolymer solutions to the Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial Manufacturing sectors, Fluoron™ guarantees we will enable you to iterate to a solution faster than any other Fluoropolymer supplier. With our commitment to the fastest response and delivery times, and best in class customer service, Fluoron™’s hands-on technicians will install our product and walk through any problems that arise. We are not satisfied until our customers are.

Ultra High Purity

Fluoron™ has decades of experience manufacturing ultra high PFAs from extra-virgin materials, which are never reprocessed to guarantee the highest quality product. Originally produced for the chemical and medical industries to avoid leakage or exposure to workers, Fluoron™ is ISO-9000 certified for quality assurance and can provide a clean-room, contaminant-free space for our clients’ custom fluoropolymer solutions. As a result, all parts avoid dust, contaminants, and other particulate matter.


Carbon steel with fluoropolymer liner alloys that are manufactured by experts through highly specialized and controlled processes. 

Structural rigidity of the steel and carbon steel

  • Replace exotic materials with Teflon
  • Monel, very expensive metallic solutions, or use carbon steel with a Teflon liner and even better corrosion resistant technology
  • Chrome plating is expensive and dangerous – replaces exotic metallurgy, teflon liners can lower costs with a better solution than exotic metals 

…Yet flexible and movable

  • Fluoron™ can machine custom components
  • Bond custom components with Teflon film and other coatings
  • Specialized ducts, piping, and other parts for aerospace applications


10-year warranty. As long as it’s not tampered with/with proper handling, it should last a very long time. 

Specific Applications

  1. Tank and Tube Liners
  1. Nose Cones
  1. Dip Pipes
  1. Containment Wraps/Cover
  2. High-diameter wrap covers – insulation
  3. Encapsulate entire spacecraft, or parts of it

Partner With Us

At Fluoron, there is no aerospace materials project we cannot complete. We use a full range of the latest materials, coatings, and techniques, and we can create custom solutions for any temperature and the harshest of conditions. Given our reputation for safety, consistency, and customer service, we are certain we are the right solutions provider for your aerospace project. Give us a call today!

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Fluoropolymers in Aerospace

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