Company History


1967 Engineered another grade of fluoropolymer sheets that is glass – backed and melt – processable, improving durability. This grade of PTFE is FDA approved for use in materials contacting food, drinkable water, and pharmaceutical products.
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1964 Built the first sealer to get fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), a non – stick plastic, to stick itself.  These seals are as strong and protective as the base material. This led to creating the first FEP heat shrinkable cover used on pulp and paper machine rollers. The heat shrinkable..Read More
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1960 Refined an isostatic molding process and made the first missile nose cone using PTFE.
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Frank Chapman Article 1958 about the properties and applications of fluoropolymers


1958 Studied and reported the frictional properties of PTFE material and its ability to be enhanced by inorganic additives such as resin. This was an essential discovery for today’s fluoroplastic products because most fluoroplastics are mixed with other material to enhance the properties of virgin fluoroplastic.
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Frank Chapman at Dupont


1957 Developed automated shrinkage and molding techniques for PTFE(TeflonⓇ) at DuPont. This engineering allows PTFE to be manipulated to fit a product or machine’s shape and function.
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1981 Began development in ultra – thick, wet – spray PTFE and PFA coatings. This product is ideally used in industries such as paper mills and bakeries in order to prevent dry substances from mixing with wet substances.
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