Fluoropolymer Tank Liners

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We are Fluoron™, and we shape and weld fluorinated polymer materials into complex forms, including unique and challenging tank liner shapes. Large inner liners as well as large outer enclosures for whole systems are possible. Our clients use fluoropolymer jackets for aerospace applications as well as other custom tubing systems.

Tank and pipe liners have a few important jobs:

  1. Stopping contained material from corroding or permeating through their containment.
  2. Preventing the container itself from contaminating the materials within.

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To provide adequate protection from harsh chemicals, acids or bases, we must either line the tank on the inside, or wrap it on the outside, or both. Fluoropolymer dip tank and pipe liners in particular are very inert, which makes for terrific storage tank and pipe systems. These systems have chemical corrosion resistance, chemical permeation resistance, extreme temperature range tolerance, abrasion resistance, non-stick properties, and robust and impact tolerance. Our custom fluoropolymer tank systems accommodate physical stressors like agitators, as well as the extreme environments common in aerospace.

Fluoropolymer tank liners adhere to most materials, including but not limited to:

  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP)
  • Many Plastics

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Fluoron specializes in unique and scaled engineering challenges:

  • Widest size range – We specialize in large and extra-large diameter applications (Inner and outer) with the ability to make large diameter liners or wraps that can be heat shrunk onto the surface. Fluoron™ is also uniquely positioned to manage smaller-diameter piping liners. Many in the industry struggle with PFA or PTFE linings for small diameter liner applications (less than 8 inches). Our unique methods allow for these often difficult use cases.
  • Fitted – Our tank and pipe liners are available as loose lined tank covers, as well as adhered liners for applications in vacuum. 
  • Custom Fit – Fluoron™ tank and pipe liners can also be held in place with rings, shrink tubing, or similar attachments.
  • Durable in the extreme – Our liners are compatible with heating and cooling coils and with proper handling can have an active service life of over 10 years. 
  • Fast – With our commitment to the fastest response and delivery times, and best in class customer service, Fluoron™’s hands-on technicians will install our product and walk through any problems that arise. We are not satisfied until our customers are.
  • Export Ready – Fluoron™ has experience with exporting our products as over 50% of our Made in the USA products are shipped overseas, an uncommon and valuable asset in this industry.
  • Experienced – With over 50 years of experience providing custom Fluoropolymer solutions to the Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial Manufacturing sectors, Fluoron™ guarantees we will enable you to iterate to a solution faster than any other Fluoropolymer supplier.

Fluoron offers 3 varieties of fluoropolymer tank and pipe liner materials:


  • Carbon filled Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Enables anti-static or conductive properties.
  • 10X higher wear resistance than other Fluoropolymer alternatives.
  • Utilizes proprietary seaming (welding) technology in manufacturing.
  • Wide temperature range – This is the material of choice for the most severe, highest temperature corrosive environments. PTFE is good for up to 260 °C (500 °F) and as cold as you want to go for cryogenics. FluoroStat in particular is ideal for tanks and pipes in corrosive environments that also need to withstand the extreme cold. 
  • Though Fluorostat is typically offered in a 0.060” thickness, Fluoron™ can also provide extra thick FluoroStat (up to .090” thickness) thermoformed into a simple or complex shape.
  • Can also be chemically etched on the inside diameter for adhesive bonding.


  • Fabricated from Perfluoroalkoxy alkanes (PFA).
  • The most chemically inert of all the fluorinated materials.
  • Often utilized in compression applications where the material is constantly being flexed. FluoroFlex is the material of choice for things like nip rollers as it has improved elasticity and greater flex fatigue resistance than FEP.
  • Fluoroflex has a high working temperature. – 475 °F 
  • Always etched on the inside diameter for adhesive bonding.
  • Offered in a 0.060” thickness.


  • Fabricated out of transparent FEP material.
  • FluoroClear liners are manufactured with FDA approved resins required for many tank liner applications. 
  • Very chemically inert.
  • FEP’s working temperature is 375°F
  • Most commonly used as a cover or jacket in aerospace applications.
  • Available with or without adhesive bonding on the inside diameter.
  • Offered in either 0.020” or 0.060” thickness.

We’ll be happy to discuss your custom tank liner project needs and explain the advantages of our custom tank liners. Our experienced team of engineers and other professionals provide the enabling support so you can find the perfect solution for your specific application. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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